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    Lee Ruth-Robinson, Director of Clinical Research: As the Director of Clinical Research for the Georgia Institute for Clinical Research, Lee-Ruth Robinson manages the day-to-day operations of the Institute and functions as a Clinical Research Coordinator.  Prior to joining the Georgia Institute for Clinical Research in 2013, Ms. Robinson served as a research coordinator for the Lynn Institute of the Rockies, Colorado Springs, CO, Colorado Gynecology and Continence Center of Denver, CO and Radiant Research, Honolulu, HI.   She has conducted Phase I-IV clinical trials, specializing in osteoarthritis, chronic and neuropathic pain, diabetes, antibiotics, hormone replacement therapy, interstitial cystitis and restless leg syndrome trials.  Ms. Robinson is a graduate of Framingham State University, Framingham, MA. She has served as a research assistant at Genzyme Genetics, Framingham, MA and Massachusetts General Hospital, Pediatric Cardiology Research, Charlestown, MA, where she specialized in database development and tissue culture.
    Email: lee.robinson@lowbackpain.com
    Phone: 770-421-2030


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