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Georgia Institute for Clinical Research

Georgia Institute for Clinical Research, LLC (a division of Non-Surgical Orthopaedics, P.C.) is a multi-specialty full time clinical research facility with a network of experienced and dedicated Board Certified Physicians including Physiatrists, Orthopaedic Specialists, Internists and Primary Care Physicians. Established in 2003 by Arnold J. Weil, M.D., the Center has maintained excellence within the realms of patient care and data integrity by utilizing highly trained, well educated and experienced staff with a commitment to the highest standards of quality and ethics.

Dedicated to conducting Phase I - IV clinical trials, Georgia Institute for Clinical Research LLC adheres to the Code of Federal Regulations, ICH Guidelines, Good Clinical Practice and HIPAA Regulations. Our foundations for excellence in data completion and data integrity allow the potential for a reduction in monitoring time, minimization of data queries, and overall efficiency in all aspects of daily clinical operations. We have a track record of being one of the highest enrollees in the majority of our clinical trials.

Our Recruitment program has established a consistently high success rate with reduced screen fails as a result of our intensive and thorough pre-screening of potential candidates. We have historically met and exceeded enrollment requirements and fostered the procurement of participant retention.

Georgia Institute for Clinical Research LLC is committed to providing excellent patient care and data management utilizing state of the art equipment and advanced technology. Our goal is to be recognized as the most outstanding clinical research facility in Georgia.

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